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UL3590/UL3323/UL3342 Silicone Heating Cables

  • UL3590/UL3323/UL3342

  • xingyuan


Application Field

Screw heating wire is a type of high strength alloywrapping around the fiber glass, outer coated Silicone rubber,PVC or Teflon,The product has stable heating effect,good bending,widely used in refrigerator,electric blanket,electric heating towel rack,foot basin,rice cooker,petmat,electric heating clothes,car window heating,pipe keeping-warm, car cushion,jade mattress,medical and health care equipment,frost removing device etc.

Techinal Data

Product Standards: UL758

Rated Voltage:300V-600V   DC Voltage:3500V

Temperature Range: -60℃~+200℃

Conductor: Fe Cr Aluminum Aooly,Ni Cr Alloy,Constantan Alloy,Copper nickel Alloy,Zinc white copper alloy

Bend Round Test: 2500 times

Bending test:5000times

Insulation Resistance:≦1000MΩ

Insulation:Silicone Rubber

O.D telerance:±0.15mm

Color:  Black-Brown-Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Grey-White etc

Wire Diameter Range: Ø1.5-5.0mm

Resistance Range : 0.1-10000 Ω/m

Voltage: 5V 12V 24V 36V 48V 110V 220V 230V etc

Product standard: Q/321281KXY01-2013

Conductor:Carbon fiber heather

Outer sheath insulation: PVC,F46 insutaion,Silicone rubber insulation,Copper wire shielding,Steel wire shielding

Joint type: Concealed joint

Voltage: 220V ( Voltage can be customized ) 


Power: 12.5m=230W

No radiation: safety and rest assured

Product Properities

1. Carton fiber heating materials' life is long for more than 50 years

2. Cable internal has copper braid shielding layer,not only take shieding effect.but also average heating and improve heating cable's bending flexibility

3. Cable use for layer coating structure, from the inside to the outside is in turn,F46 insulation layer,mica insulation layer,copper wire braid layer,modified PVC insulated sheath

4. The electric heating conversion rate can be up to more than 98%,Meanwhile,produce 86% far infrared so that we can feel particylarty good temperature, promote blood circulation and be beneficial to the health of the body.

5. 1 minute will be able to reach the working temperature

6. The production and EX-factory must pass through 3750V high volatge electricity leakage test to ensure th eproduct safe when using

7. With no strong winds, But the cooling effect is good.

Product Specifications: 12K carbon fiber core, cladding 4 layers,nominal,nominal length is 10 meters,The rated power is 150W

Arry wiring way: tortuous and return arry wiring,appripriate spacing is about 6-12cm

Product Inquiry
No.11 YuJingGang Road,JingAn District,Shanghai China
No.58,HuaXing Road,ZhangGuo Town,XingHua City,Jiangsu, China

Phone: +86 13262715202


Founded in 1986 in JiangSu , China, XINGYUAN High Temperature Cable delivers value to its customers by providing innovative heat-resistant and heating wires. 


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